As a hobby/side hustle I have created a number of useful tools and helped a number of people. –

This is a software as a service tool used by Lularoe consultants to load albums and cover photos to their Facebook groups using throttling to insure Facebook compliance.  These consultants would be manually loading hundreds of albums.  Altload allows them to load all their albums and cover photos for those albums with a click of a button. –

A contracted website for a friend.  He had an old website that needed re-done.  I revamped his site to make it more modern. –

This is an online consignment store designed around Lularoe consultants who are going out of business.  This offers them a platform to load all of their existing inventory to try and liquidate.  It is a complete online store which uses PayPal Adoptive API to allow for automatic split payment.  So, when a customer pays, the payment is split between the consultant and – (they have now created an app)

This was a website that I developed while working at Insurance Auto Auction.  The purpose of the site was to provide detailed instructions on how to complete needed paperwork so that clients could get their claims completed.  This entailed developing instructions for ALL titles for ALL 50 states.  When this was implemented we saw a reduction in errors of 12%.  With thousands of claims a week and 100’s of errors a week this was a substantial savings and improvement.

Challenge Entertainment –

I did not do their webpage… but I did create a web portal for all of the trivia jockeys to report scores and payment method and amount.  This was a big change because jockeys before where emailing show/scores reports that would have to be manually input into our main website.  This portal was an incredible improvement that could have very easily been integrated into their main domain.